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POM College Consulting was very instrumental in my college application process. They assisted me and my family in filling out the FAFSA, aided me in writing appeal letters to my dream colleges, and went above and beyond and curated a list of scholarships directly customized to me. Thanks POM! Brooke M, Georgia

I'm glad I was able to know POM. I'm a single mom and I dont know about how education work here with regards to finances. Met Todd and he is very helpful, very nice person, honest and very accomodating. Katie is friendly, easy to contact, very helpful, and will tell you up front what she knows and what I need to know. Wendy is also helping me for any questions and recommendations. Thank you all! Maegan A, California

Grace and Kelli W.

Catherine Topar

POM College Consulting has been super helpful for me throughout the whole college process. They've given me access to lots of tools to use for college visits, choosing a major, staying on top of deadlines, and finding scholarships that I otherwise wouldn't have had access to. It's made applying much easier and less stressful! I feel confident about my choices because of POM's help and I'm super excited to be heading to college in the fall! Kaitlyn P, Colorado