Never overpay for college


Lance Stevenson, OH

Catherine Powell, TN

I started to work with POM in February 2022. I was confused on what scholarships were available to me and what I would qualify for. POM helped to identify the scholarships that fit my personal profile and academic achievements. I applied to several of the scholarships that POM had identified and hope to hear back from one of them regarding the award. In addition to identifying scholarships, POM also helped provide an outline on how to make essays for the scholarship questions, which helped me as well. I would recommend for students to work with POM for their college needs in the future, but to start sooner than their Senior year in high school like I did. Diego Jeffers, CO

Kyle Kunishige, CA

POM College Consulting has helped me tremendously throughout my college application process. They gave me lots of useful information about the college application process, as well as essay tips which I used to improve my application essays. They also provided me with merit scholarship details for all the colleges I applied for, a list of external scholarships I was eligible for, and assisted me with the process of filling out my FAFSA form. After I finished applying for colleges, they continued to provide helpful information and answered any questions I had regarding scholarship applications and information about colleges. Overall, they have helped me greatly over the past year and have successfully guided me through a process that would have been difficult otherwise. Frida Roche Ramirez, CA