POM has been amazing for us throughout our son's college application process. They made the process simple & easy, answering any questions we had regarding the complex topic that is paying for college. Through POM's advice & guidance, my son was able to earn thousands is dollars in scholarships & financial aid at several different institutions. We truly recommend POM to anyone that needs to figure out about how to pay for their child's higher education. Without their help, we would not have been able to take advantage of the plethora of programs available for students such as our son. Everyone was nice to work with and prompt to respond to our questions and requests. Adhvaryu Family, CA

POM has had a great impact on my college searching, planning, and future. It has been very beneficial to have POM while headed into a very uncertain future. They have a wonderful job of providing all the necessary steps, tools, strategies, and helpful tips to ease your mind. One of the things I am most grateful for is the opportunities it has opened my eyes to. In my college search, I pondered on the idea of going somewhere far from home as I looked into colleges out of state. Alongside POM it was an easy decision as I had all the tools necessary in order to understand exactly all the things I should look for in a college best fit for me. In addition to this, while on my search for college I came across a unique opportunity that my college offered and was then able to meet my now future roommate! Because of this I could not be more thankful to have POM! Ashley Rees, IA

Thank you so much to POM consulting for giving me the “peace of mind” to not have to fill out the FAFSA! Providing you the information on our family financials allowed me some time to reflect on where our money was being spent to allow our family to make mindful changes to our budget with the upcoming challenge of paying for college more manageable. I was assured that the form was filled out correctly so there were no errors which would delay our financial aid package. Thanks for giving a working mom a little break in all of this chaos. Also, your guidance on the appeals process was much needed and your assistance with the wording on the letters was very much appreciated. Still waiting for a response but so very grateful! Kris McKernan, CO

Throughout this lengthy and often complicated college application process, POM College Consulting has assisted me and quelled my fears every step of the way, whether it be compiling a well-rounded and reasonable college list, providing much-needed advice on essays, or finding scholarships to reduce the financial burden of attending college. My college counselor, Wendy, was an immense source of guidance and assurance who gave me the freedom to craft my story authentically, instead of having to worry about the minutiae of applying to college. I'm happy to announce that I've been accepted to Princeton University, Yale University, and Stanford University, among others, for the class of 2027, and many more adventures await me. Bryant Li, TX

POM helped me feel confident that I was submitting quality essays that gave me the best shot at being accepted. They responded quickly and were very helpful! TJ Emhuff, OH