Never overpay for college


Here are some quotes from a few of our happy customers…

The folks at Piece of Mind Consulting have been invaluable to our family. The process of sending our first child to college was a daunting task when it came to choosing the right school and navigating through the financials. Everyone at POM is competent and responds quickly. They all are able to answer tough questions, give us candid direction to best serve our daughter’s academic goals, mitigate post-graduate debt, and gain as much knowledge when it comes to scholarships and grants. As for value, their savings guidance will pay for itself in short order. I’d highly recommend their service to anyone literally looking for “piece of mind” during this complex process!
Sincerely, – Dan Rocco & Beth Doris

POM College Consulting and Financial Planning played a huge role in our son’s college choices and financial needs. The whole college team of advisors is so helpful. Reva helps tremendously with college readiness and spoke one on one with our son to ensure he was on the correct path for his interests. Taryn, the financial Aid advisor, helped us navigate the confusing piles of fafsa paperwork, and student loan options. Mike gave us so many scholarship options to choose from, and along with all of them was our key financial advisor Mark Clark who is awesome. Thanks to all of them including Jordan at the office who is so helpful with any questions. Our son was able to choose his perfect college, and will save $30,000 over his 4 years. And we definitely feel like we are more financially prepared for college costs and our retirement than we were a year ago.
Linda and Michael Rozmus

I was first introduced to POM College Consulting in October 2017. My only child was entering college. I was overwhelmed and under prepared. POM was there to help me, not only with my FAFSA filing, but to answer any questions I had about the process. Being a single parent, with a hectic work life, POM took that stress away allowing me to focus on my son and what he needed for college entry. I was so satisfied with POM that I am using them again for the upcoming FAFSA filing. The money spent is well worth it knowing it will be done correctly the first time and on time.

Before we started working with POM, we were unsure about several college related items including completing the FAFSA, ACT/SAT study guides, and the scholarship process. By using POM, we received some much needed guidance, assistance and communication from all of the experienced people who interacted with our family. Our daughter enjoyed working with Ms. Reva and found the study guides helped in improving her ACT score. We saw the benefit first-hand with our daughter’s experience and we are now using POM with our son. POM is for anyone who has reservations about the college admissions and scholarship process. They have the people in place to help and guide you with your college strategy. Many thanks!
James, Houston, TX

We have been very pleased with our experience using POM. Taryn and her team have always been available to talk to us, working around our schedules to answer all of our questions. They also greatly assisted us on completing the FAFSA and CSS profile for the colleges. This is the first time we experienced going through the chaotic college process, but POM truly made it easier on our family! Our daughter not only was accepted to her dream college, but also had a wonderful financial package. Through POM’s appeal letter to the financial committee at the college, we were able to receive a package that makes our daughter’s college experience so much more affordable. Our experience with POM was truly amazing. Thank you again for all of your help!
William and Alice

The process was overwhelming. I’m sooo glad I had your help, plus the money I saved more than paid off cost of your service. Sincere Thank you!
Ashley K., Cleveland Ohio

The best hour I have EVER spent learning! Thanks.
Terry, Indianapolis IN

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know and how easily mistakes can be made. The guidance was money well spent. I will use POM again when my youngest is applying down the road.
Gary, Shaker Heights Ohio

If I saw the FAFSA again I was going to scream!” Thank you for taking that pile of mistakes off of my hands and giving me true peace of mind.
Teresa, Fairlawn Ohio

I am thankful for the help and at same time, disgusted at the cost of higher education!
Kathy, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Ms. Levenstein,
I wanted to thank you for such an uplifting conversation with Vicky the other day. She has been really nervous/overwhelmed with everything happening so fast and not knowing which way to turn. You made the conversation a delight and actually made her excited about her future and doing the practice SAT prep?! I don’t know how you pulled that one off but Kudos! When I heard it was 20 plus or minus weeks, I was dreading her reaction. She is actually very excited about this whole process and was pretty apprehensive about the program at first when we told her about it, but you putting everything in order for her and going through the steps is going to make a huge difference and thanks again for being so down to earth and relatable with her, we really appreciate it.
If you could also cc her on everything related to the process and what to expect that would be fantastic!
Looking forward to the next steps!
Meredith Fortin

And here is a letter we recently received…

Your kid works hard for four years, challenging themselves every which way, taking the hardest course schedule and adding an ungodly amount of extracurricular activities just so they can apply to the college of their dreams. With a little luck, they get admitted. But after you see the financial package you realize that you cannot afford to send your kid to the place they worked so hard to get admitted to.
Do you really want to tell your kid that they have to go somewhere else? That was me.
I tried to contact the college to see if there was some flexibility but I got nowhere. So I called POM College Consulting. Darren Rose met with us and assessed our situation. Then he helped me craft a new approach.
While I thought I understood all the arguments, Darren understood the nuances – he was able to identify the optimum strategy that would appeal to an admissions officer and to get me to focus on the points that might best present our case for reassessment.

We were able to successfully work out a package that was a win-win for all.

While I served as the point man with the college, Darren guided me through the process behind the scenes. Multiple calls and letters later, we were able to successfully work out a package that was a win-win for all. Darren’s assistance was instrumental in the process. We would not have been successful without his counsel.
The college admissions system can be arbitrary and capricious. It is hard enough to gain entrance to a top tier university. You hire coaches for sports. You pay for SAT prep. You may even enlist consultants to aid your kid in preparing their resume and application. And yet it may all be for naught unless you can afford to pay $50,000 plus per year to send them along.
Fortunately you can also enlist a consultant who can help you to navigate the financial part of the college process – someone like POM who understands the ins and outs and can steer you in the right direction.
Obviously there can be no guarantees – sometimes it just comes down to luck – but having gone through the process with POM on our side, I am confident that POM put us in the best position to get where we needed to be. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
– Mike B.