POM College Consulting took a difficult process and made it easy. Beginning with my daughter's Junior year at high school, POM helped with SAT preparation. Later POM was able to give information on choice of school admission deadlines as well as school requirements. One of the most involved steps was FAFSA. POM was there through the whole process with a team of experienced & friendly people guiding us on every step. When my daughter decided on her school of choice, POM helped with the financial appeal letter which resulted in the school offering more assistance. I'm so pleased and thankful for their help. I will be using them again for my youngest daughter's college process. I highly recommend POM for any parent seeking college consulting. Kevin Ham, CA

Brooke Tompkins, CO

As a single mom you always want the best for your children. This program became the difference between not attending college to getting thousands of dollars in scholarships. Navigating college applications, financial applications and just accepting awards is daunting. POM College Consulting made my daughter's dream a reality. Erin Kerr, CO

POM helped me stay on track with the college application process. The admissions counselor helped me narrow down my college search. They reviewed and helped me edit my college essay for applications. The counselors also gave me a Rising Seniors Summer Checklist to help me stay on track throughout the admissions process. I had a one on one advising session and we discussed what size school I would be interested in, what characteristics in a school are important to me, and they outlined the specifics to better prepare me for the upcoming years. She gave me a recommendation report which included a list of schools to research personalized to me. From the recommendation report, they gave me tips on how to choose a major and stand out to colleges on applications. The scholarship counselors also organized a list of scholarships that I could apply for. These steps helped me stay on track with applying to colleges, getting accepted to several colleges, and finally deciding on a college. Maddie Blair, CO

POM has been such a big help for me with college applications. Between their tips and timelines, I have definitely been on top of my applications! Through POM, I had access to extra SAT prep, college search engines, and many other tools I used to prep before applications were even out yet. I also greatly benefited from the college essay reviews POM provided. POM also helped me look for scholarships I qualified for —both school specific and general. I truly could not have been as on top of my college planning and applications without the help I got from POM! Samantha Wood, CO