Never overpay for college


Abigail Breithart, CO

POM has been so helpful with my college planning. It has showed me ways on how to limit my colleges and try to keep me less calm with the whole application process. Without POM would have been a lot more difficult on what to do, thank you to them. Theresa Casalnova, NJ

POM helped me throughout the entire process to find the best college suitable for me. Beginning with all applications, deadlines, filling out & submitting FAFSA forms, they gather all the information necessary for college applications. Finally, they were constantly available whenever I had a question. Their responses were very quick and concise. My family and I are incredibly grateful to have their help. Nicole Garcia, TX

Having our financial situation laid out for us was a sobering event, but it was very helpful to see all the numbers in one place. It gave us a better perspective on what to expect as we have 3 kids to put through college. It also made us realize we needed to make some changes to put more savings aside to be better prepared to meet our long term college goals.Beth was extremely helpful in putting together an appeal letter to send to Molly's top college to ask for more financial aid. Without POM, we wouldn't even have known that was an option! And fortunately, the college was able to increase the aid given to Molly to help reduce our financial burden. We are beyond happy that she will be able to go to her top choice of schools!We are looking forward to using the Student Services for our younger children, as I feel the personalized attention will aid them in their search for deciding on a major or career path.I only wish we had found POM college consulting earlier! Trisha Hartman, NJ

Chris Kang, MD