Never overpay for college


"POM has helped me by getting into a 4 year college financially and helped me creating my FAFSA." Layla Mioton, LA

Per B, Colorado

POM was an amazing service that helped me in many ways. The prep courses that I was given access to helped raise my ACT score to a 28. This in turn granted me a $10,000 scholarship per year from the university I will be attending. They also were super hands on when it came to the federal aid process by helping with the FAFSA. On top of all of that, they also helped me to find scholarship opportunities outside of the university that were specific to my talents and interests. This service is amazing! Joseph G, Colorado

POM has helped me feel a lot more comfortable applying to colleges. Giving me advice as to what my next few steps should be. POM has also, guided me on what what colleges might fit me better, the meetings with my counselors that helped me reach my goal! Brandi S, North Carolina

POM helped me in so many ways! They helped me explore different options when it came to choosing a school and how to pay for it. They also provided me with a personalized scholarship report which was so helpful because it’s so easy to get lost on the internet when searching for scholarships. They are also helping my parents manage the cost of mine and my sisters college, as we are first generation college students! Thank you so much POM! Ashley E, Colorado