Working With An Independent Counselor


The college admission process is overwhelming. Applications to complete, exams to take, campuses to visit, grades to maintain, endless information, and the need to keep peace in the home.

It’s enough to turn normally rational parents and students into over-stressed and anxious worriers. How are some families able to navigate the process peacefully?

Many of those wise families hire the services of an independent college counselor.

An independent college counselor can provide a family with peace of mind. Parents and students can learn the answers to their most pressing questions from an experienced practitioner who has experienced the admission process countless times.

Independent counselors teach the tricks of the trade, giving parents and students a perspective and understanding of the process that was likely unknown prior.

Independent counselors can help families to:

  • create a list of appropriate colleges,
  • provide tips on the application and admission processes,
  • identify student strengths and weaknesses,
  • create a compelling application,
  • identify essay topics,
  • draft strong essays,
  • prepare for interviews,
  • ask the right questions during college visits,
  • create peace in the home throughout an inevitably stressful process.

Working with an independent counselor is a small investment in your son or daughter’s future.