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Federal Loan Programs

  America is a melting pot in which individuals from various races and ethnicities come together to form our great country. While we all have our own customs, traditions and problems, one commonality unites us all: We borrow a considerable amount of money for college! One way to borrow for college is through federal loans that are off [...]

The Pell Grant Myth

  I have a statistic for you: 94% of families think the college process is extremely difficult. Do you buy it? Well, it may actually be close to accurate but like many of the stats out there, it is made up. Clever, right? The college process is filled with inaccurate information and it is imperative to be able to tell the difference [...]

Introducing The WUE Program

  Some say that the west coast is the best coast but we don’t discriminate. When it comes to saving for college though, some of our friends out west do get to enjoy an exciting advantage over the rest of the country. While reciprocity or tuition discounts for neighboring states is not specific to the west coast, the Western Undergrad [...]

Three College Admission Essay Tips

  Life today is a lot easier than it was back in the mid-1800’s when famous American Novelist Herman Melville was at his best. However, Melville didn’t have to worry about the SAT’s, his GPA and having a strong balance of extracurricular activities. Interestingly, one of the New York City native’s most famous quotes parallels what st [...]

EFC: The Basics

  In the college world, the term Expected Family Contribution would seem to have an obvious definition. Logically, one would think the Expected Family Contribution or EFC would signify what a family can actually afford to pay for school. Yet, this could not be further from the truth. The EFC itself is just a starting point. Let’s beg [...]

Working With An Independent Counselor

  The college admission process is overwhelming. Applications to complete, exams to take, campuses to visit, grades to maintain, endless information, and the need to keep peace in the home. It’s enough to turn normally rational parents and students into over-stressed and anxious worriers. How are some families able to navigate the pro [...]

Two Common Pell Grant Myths Explained

Two Common Pell Grant Myths Explained
Statistics can be awfully misleading. Consider the fact that the average Pell Grant appropriation has increased over 300% since the program started in the mid 1970’s. Sounds terrific doesn’t it? In theory it might, except for the fact that the cost of tuition and room and board in that same span has increased over 600%! We could [...]