Financial Aid: Going All In

Financial-AidIn today’s world of distractions, parents have the dubious task of trying to focus young people with heads in smart phones, iPad’s and whatever else just came out yesterday.

As new technologies evolve, the challenge becomes greater but ultimately it is parents that need to instill character-building qualities in their children. One important trait that all parents should instill in their children at a young age is the importance of working tirelessly to succeed.

Those parents that are successful in doing so are far more likely to reap the rewards later, especially when it comes to the type of college that their student is able to attend.

In the same way that these fine parents demand a strong work ethic from their children, they must demand the same kind of effort from themselves.

The stakes are far too high to accept paying more than is needed to cover the expenses of a college education.

This is not to say that college can be made cheap by knowing the right cards to play, far from it. However, knowing what to ask financial aid officers and how to negotiate properly is the best way to personify the example set for children.

Yahoo Finance did a terrific job speaking with college financial aid officers to determine 7 questions that parents should ask them about the financial aid process.

Click here to read the full article and get a true insight into the minds and options available to financial aid officers.