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The Athletic Scholarships Myth

All across America on Saturday’s in the fall, friends and families join together to enjoy the pageantry and excitement of college football. In mid-March, the same type of jubilation occurs as fans get together to root for college basketball players with the ability to burst or boon their NCAA tournament brackets. These athletes put on displa [...]

Planning for College: Factors to Consider

Take a moment and rewind 40, 30 or even 20 years and consider what constituted the college planning “process.” For many families it went something like this: student takes the SAT’s, student applies to a school or two of interest, student gets accepted, student (or family) pays the bill or the student borrows a minimal amount of money for lo [...]

The Value of High School Internships

The Value of High School Internships
Entitlements and short term thinking have a considerable impact on the world we live in today. This is especially true of the younger generation that have access to technology and ease in a way that previous generations could not relate. With this mindset comes a bottom line mentality and a need for instant gratification. Internships are a g [...]

Mastering the Format of the SAT

The following words when spoken by a teacher are simply dreadful to the ears of the stereotypical slow test taker: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, pencils down class!” Individuals like yours truly understand the agony that comes from having several blank questions and zero time left during a standardized test. Especially when it comes to the SAT, time is of [...]

Why The College Application Essay Matters

Many young adults in 2014 do not have a strong sense of history and thus cannot appreciate 60’s/70’s Classic Rock bands like The Who. Arguing about the merits of music during a golden g-g-g-g-generation is certainly not what this article is about but one song from The Who, not the song subtly referenced earlier in this sentence, ties directly [...]

The College Process: Why So Challenging?

The following is a fictional conversation between a mother and her junior in high school daughter, but it may seem awfully familiar. Mother: Alright kiddo, it’s time to start discussing college so we can figure out how we are going to pay for your education. Student: But I’m not sure what I want to do or where I want to go, how am I supposed [...]

Five Admission Application Tips

By fall of senior year for high school students, the bulk of the work has been completed. Stressful standardized testing continues for some but the picture presented to the college has all but been set in stone. However, the last step of the process of gaining acceptance to college is arguably as critical or more critical than the rest: Physi [...]