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Five College Application Tips

  Imagine the feeling of four years of hard work yielding your child’s greatest dream: Admission to their first choice college. Now imagine all of that hard work going by the wayside due to a poorly completed application. Here are five tips to help the college see a true picture of your student’s high school experience: 1. Understa [...]

The CSS Profile

  Step into any lecture on financial aid for college or even college financial aid offices themselves and the following will likely occur: The acronym FAFSA will be pronounced in ten different ways. The FAFSA, which stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the federal formula designed to determine the Expected Famil [...]

The Pell Grant Myth

  I have a statistic for you: 94% of families think the college process is extremely difficult. Do you buy it? Well, it may actually be close to accurate but like many of the stats out there, it is made up. Clever, right? The college process is filled with inaccurate information and it is imperative to be able to tell the difference [...]

EFC: The Basics

  In the college world, the term Expected Family Contribution would seem to have an obvious definition. Logically, one would think the Expected Family Contribution or EFC would signify what a family can actually afford to pay for school. Yet, this could not be further from the truth. The EFC itself is just a starting point. Let’s beg [...]

Tips for a Successful College Admission Essay

Famous American Novelist Herman Melville never had to worry about the rigors of applying to college. Life today is a lot easier than it was back in the mid-1800’s when Melville was at his best but at least he didn’t have to worry about the SAT’s, his GPA and having a strong balance of extracurricular activities. However, one of the New York [...]

Myth of the Availability of Merit-Based Aid

College recruiters are in a sense like parents of small children. In order to get their children to behave, act in a certain manner or perform a sometimes very simple task, an award is offered. Take away the award and many children, through no fault of their own, are less likely to follow directions or put their best foot forward. College re [...]

The Value of High School Internships

The Value of High School Internships
Entitlements and short term thinking have a considerable impact on the world we live in today. This is especially true of the younger generation that have access to technology and ease in a way that previous generations could not relate. With this mindset comes a bottom line mentality and a need for instant gratification. Internships are a g [...]

Student Borrowing Increases Among Affluent

This story was written by By Janet Lorin and originally published on Students from affluent families are taking out loans for college at twice the rate of two decades ago, the fasting-growing borrower’s group. Fifty percent of graduates in the class of 2012 whose parents had incomes of more than $125,700 left college with loans [...]

Why The College Application Essay Matters

Many young adults in 2014 do not have a strong sense of history and thus cannot appreciate 60’s/70’s Classic Rock bands like The Who. Arguing about the merits of music during a golden g-g-g-g-generation is certainly not what this article is about but one song from The Who, not the song subtly referenced earlier in this sentence, ties directly [...]

Include Renter’s Insurance In Your Plans

In life, perhaps only one time period represents a feeling of near invincibility. This grand time is known as college but perception is often not reality. While it is easier to bounce back from a lack of sleep or a big, greasy meal as a young adult than as an adult, college students are far from invincible. Just like adults need Car, Homeowne [...]

Dorm Room Necessities, Amenities & Style Items

Some adults take a great deal of pride in our ability to decorate and setup our homes. Developing a style, sticking to a theme and making the home feel right are all very important to many families. In this same way, college students want to feel comfortable and excited about their dorm rooms and require the same necessities that adults need [...]