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Financial Aid Award Negotiations Tips

We have put together three quick tips to help you understand financial aid award negotiations. Tip #1: Understand the Principle Terms for Negotiation Before a negotiation can take place, it is first necessary to review the SAR or Student Aid Report which indicates the EFC or Expected Family Contribution. This number when coupled with the scho [...]

The 568 Presidents’ Group

  Colleges come in all shapes and sizes with populations that mirror all facets of our great country. Each university brings something unique to the table but some universities view themselves differently than all the rest. In the college world, the exclusive 568 Presidents Group are a group of school’s that march to a beat of a diffe [...]

Introducing The WUE Program

  Some say that the west coast is the best coast but we don’t discriminate. When it comes to saving for college though, some of our friends out west do get to enjoy an exciting advantage over the rest of the country. While reciprocity or tuition discounts for neighboring states is not specific to the west coast, the Western Undergrad [...]

Working With An Independent Counselor

  The college admission process is overwhelming. Applications to complete, exams to take, campuses to visit, grades to maintain, endless information, and the need to keep peace in the home. It’s enough to turn normally rational parents and students into over-stressed and anxious worriers. How are some families able to navigate the pro [...]

EFC: Deductible or True Cost?

On the surface, the term “Expected Family Contribution,” seems to have an obvious definition. Logically, one would think the Expected Family Contribution or EFC would signify what a family can afford to pay for school. Thus, it would appear that the EFC would represent a true cost for college and provide families a number to plan for. Howeve [...]

Planning for College: Factors to Consider

Take a moment and rewind 40, 30 or even 20 years and consider what constituted the college planning “process.” For many families it went something like this: student takes the SAT’s, student applies to a school or two of interest, student gets accepted, student (or family) pays the bill or the student borrows a minimal amount of money for lo [...]

Understanding Federal Loans

Understanding Federal Loans
In the world of borrowing for college, we finally have some good news for families: The percentage of money borrowed to pay for college, as opposed to the amount of money paid out of pocket, has decreased by five percent! Here is an “exciting” snippet from the Wall Street Journal citing information from this year’s study by Sallie Mae and Ips [...]

The College Process: Why So Challenging?

The following is a fictional conversation between a mother and her junior in high school daughter, but it may seem awfully familiar. Mother: Alright kiddo, it’s time to start discussing college so we can figure out how we are going to pay for your education. Student: But I’m not sure what I want to do or where I want to go, how am I supposed [...]

Five Admission Application Tips

By fall of senior year for high school students, the bulk of the work has been completed. Stressful standardized testing continues for some but the picture presented to the college has all but been set in stone. However, the last step of the process of gaining acceptance to college is arguably as critical or more critical than the rest: Physi [...]

3 Factors in Making the College Decision

High school guidance counselors provide an invaluable service to students across America. These talented individuals help students chose an appropriate schedule, learn how to mature enough to attend college, juggle modern-day personal issues and collect college applications to send out to sometimes 10-20 colleges. This is just a summary of wh [...]