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Understanding the Role of SAT Subject Tests

When the time comes to submit college applications, it’s easy to look back at what caused the most consistent stress: A bevy of timelines, deadlines and requirements. Once the application process has passed, the worst feeling for a student or parent is a sense of regret at missed opportunity. Beyond the obvious, better grades, activities an [...]

Private Loan Options

  Whenever the news examines college funding in America, you can bet the topic of student loan debt will be front and center. While it is impossible to trivialize a 1 TRILLION dollar problem, issues with parents going into debt seems to garner far less attention. In reality, many students can only borrow a limited amount for college [...]

Federal Loan Programs

  America is a melting pot in which individuals from various races and ethnicities come together to form our great country. While we all have our own customs, traditions and problems, one commonality unites us all: We borrow a considerable amount of money for college! One way to borrow for college is through federal loans that are off [...]

Three College Admission Essay Tips

  Life today is a lot easier than it was back in the mid-1800’s when famous American Novelist Herman Melville was at his best. However, Melville didn’t have to worry about the SAT’s, his GPA and having a strong balance of extracurricular activities. Interestingly, one of the New York City native’s most famous quotes parallels what st [...]

Two Common Pell Grant Myths Explained

Two Common Pell Grant Myths Explained
Statistics can be awfully misleading. Consider the fact that the average Pell Grant appropriation has increased over 300% since the program started in the mid 1970’s. Sounds terrific doesn’t it? In theory it might, except for the fact that the cost of tuition and room and board in that same span has increased over 600%! We could [...]

The Athletic Scholarships Myth

All across America on Saturday’s in the fall, friends and families join together to enjoy the pageantry and excitement of college football. In mid-March, the same type of jubilation occurs as fans get together to root for college basketball players with the ability to burst or boon their NCAA tournament brackets. These athletes put on displa [...]

Let’s Discuss The WUE Program

Let’s Discuss The WUE Program
With the outrageous cost of college these days, many families dread hearing the following: “Mom, Dad, I want to go to college out of state.” While private universities are also very expensive (the same in-state as out of state), with the additional merit based and need based aid available at many of these schools, it is the out of state unive [...]